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STOR Token Metrics
Maximum STOR Supply: 250 million

Circulating Supply: 150 million

Reserve Contract: 100 million

Allocation of Reserve Contract
Liquidity Pool: Trading liquidity on both CEX and DEX platforms.

Staking & Airdrop: Rewards for holding and incentives.

Development Funds: Allocated for further platform and project development.
How to Buy STOR
🔒 Safety First: Our token sale process is secured using the latest cryptographic techniques to ensure the safety of your investment.

Create a Wallet: You need a compatible crypto wallet to be able to receive your tokens. If you do not have one, you can buy a Ledger or Trezor wallet. Please contact us for any queries.

Connect to Story Premiere: Visit our platform and contact us for any question regarding STOR.

📈 Future Prospects: As Story Premiere expands and integrates further into the global filmmaking industry, the utility and demand for STOR are expected to grow. STOR has a limited supply and high intrinsic value due to its numerous features and voting functionality. Using STOR offers a 20% price discount on all Story Premiere services, exclusive access to mandates and gigs, staking rewards, and a distributed governance (1:10 voting token). In addition, STOR liquidity will tremendously increase in the future as the token will be listed on many Tier 1 crypto exchanges.
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