"No Dream is ever just a dream"
Stanley Kubrick

Story Premiere is a pioneer Web3 platform that empowers writers and filmmakers to bring their creative visions to life.

Story Premiere is the future of filmmaking, blending the limitless potential of blockchain technology with the world of cinematic storytelling. Our platform offers an unparalleled environment for creators, leveraging the power of decentralization to ensure content protection, equitable monetization, and transparency.

Stepping into the vanguard of the cinematic revolution, Story Premiere seamlessly amalgamates the groundbreaking nuances of Web3 with the age-old charm of storytelling. We're not just another platform; we're the dawn of a new era in filmmaking.Rooted in the pioneering spirit of blockchain, our platform transcends traditional filmmaking boundaries.

At Story Premiere, creators are endowed with an ecosystem that prioritizes their intellectual rights, ensuring both content protection and a transparent, equitable model for monetization.In this ever-evolving digital age, where innovation meets imagination, Story Premiere stands as a beacon for writers and filmmakers worldwide. We're not just shaping the future of cinema; we're redefining its very fabric, one story at a time.

Francois Poupard

Chief Executive Officer

A fintech expert with 15 years of strategy and finance experience, coupled with a decade of immersion in blockchain technology. Francois founded Story Premiere, fueled by his deep passion for innovation. His visionary approach intertwines blockchain with the world of cinema.

Phillipp Taratuta

Chief Technology Officer

Experienced blockchain developer with expertise in smart contract development and security auditing. Senior Solidity Developer at Blaize Tech and Blockchain Developer at DeHive Finance. Holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and a Quorum Expert certification.

Julien Cordon

Chief Operating Officer

An accomplished blockchain executive with a decade of expertise in steering projects to remarkable success. Julien places a premium on letting the results define his legacy. His business acumen ensures that Story Premiere stands at the forefront of innovation and user experience.

Elena Borisova

Chief Marketing Officer

A seasoned communication and marketing expert with a passion for entertainment and art, Elena brings a very unique strategic leadership and a keen sense of market trends. Her passion for the film industry fuels her approach to positioning Story Premiere as a disruptive force.

Abdellah Oulhaci

VP- Finance

Renowned for his finance acumen, Abdellah has swiftly integrated traditional financial strategies with emerging blockchain technologies. With a solid foundation in Engineering, and Corporate Finance, he has an unmatched ability to interpret complex financial data and innovate within it. Serving as the VP Finance at Story Premiere, he is pivotal in shaping the blockchain-driven financial landscape of the cinematic world.

Nathan Fleetwood

Advisor - Writer & Director

Nathan is a screenwriter and director based in Los Angeles. His projects have garnered numerous accolades and span feature films, series, and shorts across all genres, Prior to his successful film career, Nathan spent seven years in management consulting and venture capital, most notably a four-year stint in Singapore, advising and working alongside clients in fintech, financial services, telecommunications, and cyber security.

Renato Dimarzio

Advisor - TV Content

From leading executive roles to pioneering new ventures, Renato carved a niche in media management, particularly in TV content. Driven by passion and a hunger for knowledge, he brings unparalleled energy to every project. As the TV Content Advisor at Story Premiere, he infuses his vast experience with his innate ability to identify and foster promising investment opportunities, merging media with the world of blockchain.

Stephen Arnold

Advisor - Blockchain

From music production to AAA game titles, Stephen journey in the gaming industry has been marked by innovation and excellence. Founder of Fracture Labs, he pioneered the integration of blockchain in gaming with DecimatedĀ®, leveraging Web3 for digital assets. He has developed extensive knowledge of various blockchain technologies. As a Blockchain Advisor, his expertise helps revolutionize the realm of cinema.

Kirill Pashovkin

Advisor - Movie Content

Esteemed in film and content creation, this adept wears multiple hats: from DP and Filmmaker to Producer. Specializing in brand awareness, social media ads, and innovative VR content, Kirill has mastered the art of crafting compelling narratives. As a movie content advisor, his cinematic acumen shapes the future of storytelling. Harnessing his vast experience, he continually pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling.

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