Digital Signature

Each NFT contains distinctive information about the work, including its origin, timestamp, and creator's details, acting as a digital signature for your content.

Immutable Proof of Ownership

With NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), your creative work is attached to a unique digital token on the blockchain. This serves as irrefutable proof of your work's ownership and authenticity.

Immediate Copyright Claim

Traditional copyright methods can be slow, laborious, and often prone to loopholes. With our NFT protection, you get an instantaneous copyright claim over your work as soon as it's minted.  

Global Recognition

NFTs are recognized globally, meaning your protection isn't restricted by geographical borders. No matter where you or your work travels, your rights and authenticity travel with it.

Easy Licensing & Transfer

As the genuine holder of an NFT, you can seamlessly license or transfer your content's rights, all backed by the indisputable proof of blockchain.

Protection Against Plagiarism

With the digital timestamping of NFTs, it's straightforward to establish when a piece of content was first created ensuring plagiarists can't claim ignorance or innocence.

Royalty Automation

Every time your NFT-protected work is sold or used, you can set it up to automatically receive a percentage of the sales or usage fee, ensuring you're compensated fairly for your creativity.

Community Verification

Story Premiere's ecosystem is built on community trust and verification. With our platform, other users and experts can validate and recognize your work's originality, further strengthening its standing in the community.

Eco-Friendly Minting

Recognizing the concerns about the environmental impact of NFTs, We will ensure that the minting process is as eco-friendly as possible, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

Tamper-Proof Security

The decentralized nature of blockchain ensures that once your work is minted as an NFT, it cannot be altered, duplicated, or deleted by any third party.