Phillipp Taratuta

Chief Technology Officer

An expert blockchain developer, Phillipp Taratuta excels in smart contract development and security auditing. With a robust background as a Senior Solidity Developer at Blaize Tech and a Blockchain Developer at DeHive Finance, he combines practical experience with deep technical knowledge. Holding a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a Quorum Expert certification, Phillipp drives a unique technological innovation perspective at Story Premiere.

Elena Borisova

Chief Marketing Officer

A seasoned expert in communication and marketing, Elena Borisova blends her passion for the arts and entertainment with innovative strategic leadership. Her deep understanding of market trends and consumer behavior is essential in steering Story Premiere as an industry disruptor. Elena's commitment ensures the company remains a leader in delivering groundbreaking entertainment experiences.

Abdellah Oulhaci

Chief Financial Officer

Renowned for his finance acumen, Abdellah has swiftly integrated traditional financial strategies with emerging blockchain technologies. With a solid foundation in Engineering, and Corporate Finance, he has an unmatched ability to interpret complex financial data and innovate within it. As the Chief Financial Officer of Story Premiere, he is pivotal in shaping the blockchain-driven financial landscape of the cinematic world.

Nathan Fleetwood


Nathan is a screenwriter and director based in Los Angeles. His projects have garnered numerous accolades and span feature films, series, and shorts across all genres, Prior to his successful film career, Nathan spent seven years in management consulting and venture capital, most notably a four-year stint in Singapore, advising and working alongside clients in fintech, financial services, telecommunications, and cyber security.