Ultra-Precise Scene Sculpting

Manipulate every element - from lighting to actor expressions - with pinpoint accuracy. Your vision is now limitlessly customizable.

Dynamic Emotional Score Composer

AI analyzes your script’s emotions, composing a unique score that breathes life into each scene.

Revolutionary Character AI-Modelling

Create and modify characters in 3D, bringing them to life with AI that understands character arcs and dynamics.

Intelligent Dialogue Crafting

Refine scripts with AI that suggests dialogue changes for enhanced emotional resonance.

Virtual Cinematography Advisor

AI advises on camera angles, movements, and shots, emulating the expertise of a Director of Photography.

Cultural Contextualization Engine

Adapt your trailer for global audiences with AI insights on cultural nuances.

AI-Enhanced Visual Effects Design

This feature uses AI to suggest advanced visual effects (VFX) options, helping creators enhance their trailers with cutting-edge visual technology.

Real-Time Cloud Collaboration

Invite your team to a virtual editing room for collaborative real-time modifications.

Automated Regulatory Compliance

Automated Regulatory Compliance: Ensure your trailer meets global content standards with AI-driven compliance checks.

Interactive Audience Testing

Gauge audience reactions with AI-driven simulations, refining your trailer based on real-time feedback.