Francois Poupard

Chief Executive Officer - Founder

Francois Poupard is a distinguished fintech expert with over fifteen years of strategy and finance expertise, enriched by a decade dedicated to blockchain technology. His foundational knowledge in business law and corporate finance propelled him to establish Story Premiere, driven by a deep-seated passion for innovation in filmmaking. Francois’s visionary leadership integrates blockchain and AI technologies into cinema, transforming the narrative and experiential aspects of storytelling. As a trailblazing entrepreneur, he leads and writes as a skilled screenwriter and serves as a vast repository of cinematic knowledge, akin to a walking movie encyclopedia.

Paul Arion

Cinematographer - Producer- CoFounder

Paul Arion is a three-time Oscar-winning visual effects artist known for his groundbreaking work with blockbusters like Superman, X-Men and Prometheus directed by Ridley Scott. Paul's expertise led him to pivotal roles in films such as 300, the Harry Potter series and Jungle Book, earning him an Academy Award for Visual Effects. His contributions extend to acclaimed films like Avengers: Endgame and Blade Runner 2049, showcasing his creativity and passion for visual storytelling. Beyond his illustrious career, Paul is also a pioneer in blockchain adoption, leveraging cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of the entertainment industry.

Florian Anghel

Writer - Producer - Director - Cofounder

Florian Anghel is a preeminent Romanian filmmaker, celebrated for his extensive contributions as a screenwriter, director, and producer. He boasts authorship of over 30 original screenplays and has played a pivotal role in the creation of 65 films, marking him as a prolific creative force within the industry. His work has not only garnered widespread acclaim but also international accolades, such as the Cannes Festival Short Film 2021 Award for Best Horror Short. Florian's relentless dedication and innovative filmmaking techniques continue to reinforce his standing as a leading figure in cinema, securing his legacy as one of Romania’s best filmmakers.

Julien Cordon

Chief Operating Officer - Cofounder

Julien Cordon is a visionary blockchain executive with over ten years of experience driving projects to unprecedented success. His strategic foresight and business acumen ensure that Story Premiere not only stays ahead in innovation but also excels in delivering superior user experiences. Julien's creative prowess extends beyond technology; he is an accomplished video and music producer, infusing artistic elements into his leadership style. This blend of technical skill and creativity makes Julien a key player in pioneering the integration of cutting-edge technology with the entertainment industry, shaping its future with a comprehensive and innovative approach.