Story Premiere Tech Integration Challenge

🚀 Embrace the Tech Evolution in Film: 

The future of film isn't just in the script; it's also in the tech. Story Premiere invites you to incorporate next-gen technologies into a film or series concept, whether it's using AI for character development, VR for immersive experiences, or blockchain for transparent distribution.

🎞 Categories:

  1. Interactive Films: Create an engaging narrative using VR or AR.
  2. Tech-Driven Plots: Movies or series where AI, blockchain, or VR plays a key role.
  3. Innovative Distribution: Concepts that use blockchain for content sharing, monetization, or viewer engagement.

🏆 Rewarding Excellence:

  1. Tech Titan: $12,500 worth of STOR Tokens + A privileged crowdfunding slot for your next innovation on Story Premiere.
  2. Innovation Idol: $7,500 worth of STOR Tokens + Feature spotlight on our Story Premiere blog.
  3. Tech Trailblazer: $5,000 worth of STOR Tokens + Exclusive Story Premiere merchandise.

Who Can Enter?

  • Visionaries with a flair for combining storytelling and technology.
  • Unveil something we've never seen. Originality is a must.
  • English or English-subtitled projects only.

🎯 Criteria for Victory:

  • Innovation in merging technology with storytelling.
  • Quality of concept, feasibility, and audience engagement.
  • Clear vision of how the technology amplifies or drives the narrative.

📅 Key Milestones:

  • Contest Launch: September 1st, 2024
  • Final Submission: November 30th, 2024
  • Top Entries Revealed: December 15th, 2024
  • Winner Crowning: December 30th, 2024

📥 Tech Meets Talent: Got a revolutionary idea? Submit your project on the Story Premiere platform. A nominal entry fee unlocks the door to the future of film.

Anticipating a merger of tech marvels and cinematic masterpieces! 🎬🔗